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As I Get Older

 · As I get older, I find that I care less and less about little things. This means that part of the process of aging is that little things lose their importance to me. As in this case has the meaning of while. As I'm getting older, I think it's time that I quit mountain climbing.

 · As you get older, however, you're more likely to take medications, gain weight, become lactose intolerant and have other issues that lead to an increase in gas. So, it's not necessarily the age that's leading to the tooting — it's all the other ted Reading Time: 4 mins.

 · Do we get more introverted as we get older? Probably, according to Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking — and this is actually a good thing. Let me explain. Why We Become More Introverted With Age. In a post on Quiet Revolution, Cain confirmed my suspicions: We act more introverted as we get older. Psychologists call this “intrinsic .

 · As men get older, there are changes in the reproductive organs, particularly the prostate gland, one of the few organs in the body that enlarges with age. The aging prostate and seminal vesicles produce less fluid; additionally the ducts that drain the genital fluids can become clogged.

As you get older, the muscles don’t work as well, and your scrotum stays in a more slackened position. Combine that with your skin ’s natural decline in elasticity, and the sagging gets worse.

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    It's healthy to have older friends. You go, 'Look, I'm younger than them!' That's always the nice thing, if you can be the youngest one in the room at times. Like if you're always the oldest one in the room, you'll start to feel like the oldest person in the world. So get older friends, because they're cool. Get cool older .

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